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Asset Protection Trust

The Offshore Asset Protection Trust is the ideal asset protection solution. It is the process of arranging assets in a method that makes them nonexistent to creditors. However, protecting assets may not be used to swindle specific creditors. The offshore trust is designed to allow a client to maintain authority and diversion over his assets with the help of offshore trust formation.

Major discussion of offshore trusts are focused on choice of offshore trust formation. As a empirical matter, the most critical decision in establishing an offshore trust is the selection of a trustee. The main offshore trustee could be a lawyer in another country or a bank. Offshore trust works best where the trustee is reliable and professional and particularly ready to protect the offshore trust against attacks initiated by creditors.

Trust is a strong way of effectively organizing tax-efficient vehicle to benefit your family for future generation. Offshore trust lawyers at Victoria Law firm has years of experience in all aspects of administration, estate and trust planning, our offshore trust formation attorneys are expert in handling complex offshore trusts issues.

Here is a Brief of Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

  • Even if you are beneficiary, your creditors may not reach offshore trust assets held in the offshore protection trust
  • You may maintain administration of the assets, subject to approval of the protector or trustee
  • You may form the trust for providing estate tax benefits

How Offshore Asset Protection Works

  • You name a set of trusted advisors and friends to supervise and if required change the trustee
  • You resettle property to an offshore trust company, then move the stock to the trustee with no restrictions on his credibility to dissolve the company or sell the stock
  • Best suitable for offshore investment in Seychelles