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I think Seychelles needs and outsider now more than ever before

ways necessary in whatever you do. If you look at the judiciary as awhole, theres a lot that can be im- proved within the institution itself in terms of administration of justice, infrastructure and other resources for legal research for instance. I believe the mentions could be done electronically by e-mail as lawyers waste a lot of precious time hanging around the court premises to take mentions. Time and resources could be spent elsewhere if the mentions were done electronically. We have to simplify the way we work and make things work a bit faster.

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Best Legal Tips for Starting a Small Business

Small & medium business professionals can run into various legal issues that are not usually encountered with corporations or partnerships. This is due to the reason that various business owners reserve unique ownership of the business. And this sole ownership, without a business formation, often leaves small and medium business owners open to individual responsibility issues.

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How to find the best real estate lawyer in Seychelles

Here are few tips to find the best real estate lawyer in Seychelles through due diligence. Personalities, workload, skill levels, expectations, energy and more, impact the model of personal service delivery. Then, add in the human condition�s incapability to identify one�s limitations. We hardly hear �You�d better hire a different service provider or I�m over-booked right now,� because turning customers away is not easy.

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How To Choose The Right Seychelles Lawyer For Small Business

Do you own a small or medium business looking to find the right corporate lawyer in Seychelles? The process of hiring a corporate attorney can be very difficult, especially when most of your colleagues and friends tell you that small and medium businesses don�t need a help from the lawyer.

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Best 6 Tips For Choosing a Seychelles Lawyer For Your Business

Choosing a law firm or a lawyer for your business is a very important thing you need to plan while structuring and setting up your business in Seychelles. In fact, a good Seychelles lawyer or a law firm is so essential to a business that several large organizations have in house legal advisers to work with them on most of their legal needs.

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Why You Need a Help Of Real Estate Lawyer in Seychelles? Here Are Top 7 Reasons

Renter or owner, seller or home buyer, anyone could end up needing a real estate law attorney in need of help.

Here are some ways you could be assisted by real estate lawyers. It just does not happen to many people to consult with an attorney when purchasing or selling a property. However the expert guidance of a real estate attorney can make all the difference in settling some property problems.

Property law changes from state to province, as well as all real estate transactions can�t be the same. Below are a few examples where a real estate attorney can be highly helpful.

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Lawyer Frank Elizabeth wins again against FIU.

Popular lawyer, Frank Elizabeth of Victoria Law Firm, in Seychelles has won yet another case against FIU. This time Mr. Elizabeth was representing a company, Mares Corp, which had opened an offshore company and offshore bank account in the Seychelles.

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Lawyer Frank Elizabeth wins another case against FIU!

Prolific lawyer Frank Elizabeth has won another case against the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) last week. The FIU is the unit set up by the government within Central Bank to monitor and prosecute money laundering cases amongst other criminal activities.

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BMI Status: uncertain

The following article appeared in Today newspaper announcing the closure of BMI bank in Seychelles due to an ongoing investigation by Central Bank and FIU.

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