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We are knowledgeable and skilled in various methods of settling disputes

Seychelles Arbitration and Mediation Lawyer

Arbitration and mediation are out of court proceedings that offer effective dispute resolution. Arbitrators normally enforce an agreement on parties while mediators normally work with parties to come to an agreement following the evidence presentation. Arbitration and mediation processes are cost effective and more private than litigation and generally provide clients a sense of direction over the process of dispute resolution.

International arbitration and mediation lawyers at Victoria Law Firm are not only experienced courtroom practitioners but they are also knowledgeable and skilled in various methods of settling disputes. The mission of our arbitration attorneys is always to obtain the best result for our clients using the cost effective, dynamic and most efficient methods.

Our arbitration and mediation lawyers represent and prepare each form of an arbitration and mediation case in a method that takes benefit of the advantages of arbitration and mediation based upon our collective experience and knowledge. Our arbitration attorneys and mediation lawyers help choose the correct arbitrators and mediators and minimize costs through unique techniques.

Some of the main advantages of arbitration and mediation include the following:

  • Expedite resolution of the case
  • Minimized cost due to the motion practice and limited discovery
  • Neutrals selection with experience in managing the specific type of case
  • Effective incapability to appeal the case
  • Jury trial unavailability
  • Alternative dispute resolution process confidentiality
  • Confidentiality associated with the alternative dispute resolution process