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We are knowledgeable and skilled in various methods of settling disputes

Seychelles Litigation & Dispute Lawyer

Litigation and dispute resolution lawyers at Victoria Law Firm represent domestic and international businesses on arbitration, litigation, mediation and regulatory matters. We also have extensive experience in conflict management and corporate risk management, advising executives and top level management and board members of major banks and corporate firms.

Litigation and dispute resolution lawyers at Victoria Law Firm provide comprehensive and full service in Seychelles and most other major countries. We have handled many problems created by financial marketplace changes. Our litigation attorneys are ideally placed to manage and coordinate the large number of cross border proceedings and disputes.

Our dispute resolution lawyers strongly pursue all directions of dispute resolutions available and advise most appropriate method to choose for a particular matter. The main priority of our litigation attorneys is to solve disputes effectively and quickly with as little disturbance to business as possible. Our attorneys have been winning significant appeals and trials for small and medium businesses, international companies and public bodies in a diversity of fields and industries.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services Includes:

  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Finance & banking litigation
  • Class actions
  • Enquiries and commissions
  • Antitrust / competition litigation
  • Commercial & corporate disputes
  • Libel, defamation & media
  • Disputes of intellectual property
  • International & domestic disputes
  • Litigation & tax disputes