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How to find the best real estate lawyer in Seychelles

Here are few tips to find the best real estate lawyer in Seychelles through due diligence. Personalities, workload, skill levels, expectations, energy and more, impact the model of personal service delivery. Then, add in the human condition's incapability to identify one's limitations. We hardly hear "You'd better hire a different service provider or I'm over-booked right now," because turning customers away is not easy.

We can use various techniques in our search to increase the chance that the real estate law attorney we choose will be the best, here are few steps to consider:

  • List of Your Contacts

    Go through the list of your contacts for people whose interests or work would put them in contact with lawyers. A real estate professional, business person, banker of mortgage or a court reporter, just to name a few. If possible, go to a real estate company and ask if anyone knows a good real estate lawyer and attorney.

  • Ask Questions

    When you get a list of few real estate lawyers in Seychelles, send them an email or call them personally. In advance, create a one page "note" that precisely describes your situation. The first question is: "I need legal assistance and looking for a real estate lawyer who has successful experience. Do you handle real estate matters?" if you get the answer as "yes," the second questions is: "Great, I have few questions to ask and a details of the situation, shall I send them to you by email?", email is the best option because the real estate lawyer will have time to read your situation and consider the questions, and you'll be getting their answers in writing.

    Here are few questions to ask real estate lawyers before working with them:

    • Do you like the kind of work for the situation we are facing?
    • If I were to provide you with all the documents, will you give me an idea of the course of action to take, what your services would cost and how long will it take to solve the problem?
    • How long will it take to work on the estimate?
    • Do you delegate few tasks to others or you handle the case yourself?
    • What percentage of real estate work you practice?
    • Do you think we'll win based on what you know today?

    If the above suggestions seem too time consuming or laborious, there's an alternative method but that loses the personal referral however it's faster. Look for the "rating of the lawyer" in popular search engines, read their reviews and make a decision working with the real estate attorney based on the rating and review.

    Your aim is to find a lawyer who's honest first and effective second. Following the process explained will highly increase your chances of working with the best real estate lawyer in Seychelles.

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