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Best 6 Tips For Choosing a Seychelles Lawyer For Your Business

Choosing a law firm or a lawyer for your business is a very important thing you need to plan while structuring and setting up your business in Seychelles. In fact, a good Seychelles lawyer or a law firm is so essential to a business that several large organizations have in house legal advisers to work with them on most of their legal needs. Check the top five tips for choosing a business lawyer or law firm in Seychelles.

  1. Consider the kind of legal assistance you need:

    Different law firms specialize in different kinds of law practice. For example, if you need someone to make contracts for you, a lawyer specializing in making contracts or a contract lawyer may be the right choice for you. If you want someone to assist you with occupation law, an employment lawyer may be your correct choice. Think about the assistance you need, and find a lawyer in Seychelles who specializes in that particular field.

  2. Decide how much legal assistance you will need:

    If you are expecting to need an advice from the lawyer on a regular basis, you may wish to hire insider legal adviser. Inside legal adviser means you have an attorney who manages and handles the bulk of your legal requirements.

  3. Decide whether you want to work with a small or large law firm:

    Larger law firms in Seychelles may provide you wide range of legal services like banking and finance, tax planning, asset tracing and recovery, real estate law, litigation and dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration etc. and may provide you with legal assistance from attorneys who have graduated from some of the top law schools. Solo lawyers, on the other hand, might not be very expensive but will be more limited to the type of assistance they provide.

  4. Determine legal fees budget:

    The fees that lawyers and law firms charge hourly or case wise can vary drastically. Make sure to set your budget before hiring a law firm or a lawyer who could help and who will be able to provide you legal services within the price range you may have.

  5. Check the experience of your lawyer:

    Make sure you check the experience of the lawyer or law firm you decide to work with within the type and field of law you need assistance in.

  6. Consider some of the clients the lawyer represents:

    You do not want to work with a lawyer who represents some of your competitors, do you? And in fact, a lawyer can’t work with you in there are any dispute of interest between you and the lawyers other clients.

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